Agatha Sukhar from Russia about her semester abroad in Villach

by Claudia Pertl
Erasmus semester abroad in Villach: Agatha Sukhar from Russia

Agatha Sukhar from Russia

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Agatha Sukhar from Russia spent a summer semester in Villach, studying “International Business Management” – here’s what she’s saying about her experience.

Agata_Sukhar - biking in Villach, Austria
  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Study Program: International Business Management (Master)

What did you expect before coming to Austria?

I expected that I would see a very beautiful nature, meet students from all over the world, make new friends, meet Austrians and learn more about the life and culture of Austria, and of course that I will get a lot of new knowledge and skills while studying on my program. And now my expectations have become reality.

What surprised you here in Austria?

Very calm and measured rhythm of life, shop opening hours and waste sorting.

How do you cope with the studies at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS)? 

Study is quite difficult, but interesting. Due to the coronavirus and the online format, there are some difficulties, for example, with access to Moodle or intranet, but my International Coordinator and the International Relations Office helped me with everything.

Was it challenging for you and if yes in what way?

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, leisure is limited, but you can still climb the mountains, see the lakes and ride a bike and enjoy the magnificent views of Carinthia.

How do you get to know Austria in your free time?

I learned to be more careful with myself and those around me, and I also learned how to do some daily activities over the Internet, such as shopping for groceries.

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