Keren Baidoo (Ghana) about studying Health Care IT in Carinthia

by Claudia Pertl
Keren Baidoo from Ghana about studying in Austria

Keren Baidoo from Ghana

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Keren Baidoo from Ghana and scholarship holder of the Ernst Mach Grant for students from non-European countries spent two semesters at Campus Klagenfurt, studying Health Care IT – here’s what she’s saying about her experience.

Keren Baidoo Ghana ist studying in Austria

What did you expect before coming to Austria?

I expected a very intensive study stay filled with opportunities to explore and enjoy, as well. However, I did not know much about Austria but for the stories I hear about Europe. I haven’t left home before, but my dad has, and he briefed me on what to expect. 50% turned out to be true and my greatest admiration is how beautiful the place is. The course content is well-structured and that is one thing I really like.

What surprised you here in Austria?

How traditional the place was! My dad mentioned it, though. The town is relatively very neat too and feels so safe. The buildings are so similar, it’s easy to get confused. Plus, the people are accommodating and affable. More German, less English, too. . . kinda makes it quite difficult getting around since I can’t speak German yet.

How do you cope with the studies at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS)? Was it challenging for you and if yes in what way?

Studies here at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences aren’t too vastly different with my previous undergrad institution. But knowing all the content and staying abreast is truly daunting 😊. Thankfully, with good internet connection, I watch YouTube videos to serve as refreshers for the courses I have prior knowledge of and those which I know nothing about.

How do you get to know Austria in your free time?

I go for walks and rides with my buddy which has truly been fun. I am yet to visit the infamous lake, here in Klagenfurt. When less busy, I intend to visit the well-known cities of Salzburg, Vienna and Innsbruck.

Would you come to Austria without the Scholarship Program?

Quite unfortunately, no. The trip here was so dear, my parents couldn’t have afforded paying for my expenses including tuition. Covid has hit hard on everyone’s economy and my home country is no exception. Times are hard but gladly, the Scholarship program saved the day!

How did you find out about Ernst Mach Scholarship?

A lecturer at my home institution introduced the Ernst Mach Scholarship to my colleagues and me. It was during one of our lecturers he suggested the offer to us and upon careful consideration and thoughtfulness, I decided to take the opportunity. But for him, Dr. Tutu-Tchao, all this would have not come to being.

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