Owusu Mensah (Ghana) & his semester abroad at Campus Klagenfurt

by Claudia Pertl
Owusu Mensah from Ghana and other international students in Austria

Owusu Mensah from Ghana

International Students

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Owusu Mensah from Africa and scholarship holder of the Ernst Mach Grant for students from non-European countries spent two semesters in Carinthia, studying “Communication Engineering” at Campus Klagenfurt. Here’s what he is saying about his experience.

Owusu Mensah Ghana at Campus Klagenfurt

What did you expect before coming to Austria?

I anticipated to meet very cold weather and most people would prefer communicating in German to English.

Owusu Mensah from Ghana and other international students in Austria
Isaac Owusu Mensah, Keren Baidoo, Matthew Bio, Eliska Pravenková, Agata Sukhar and Mirela Imsirovic spent their semester abroad at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

What surprised you here?

Almost everybody can speak little bit of English so communication isn’t all that difficult if you only speak English.

How do you cope with the studies at CUAS?

Studies are normal here, the lecturers really take their time to explain concept to the students.

Owusu Mensah from Ghana - Africa

Was it challenging for you and if yes in what way?

It is a bit of a challenge because of money and the lessons requires a practical working experience of which I have not and also not the opportunity to have that.

How do you get to know Austria in your free time?

I ride on bicycle to the city of Klagenfurt and also watch videos about the history of Austria

Would you come to Austria without the Scholarship Program?

It would have been very difficult for me to Austria without the scholarship program.

How did you find out about Ernst Mach Scholarship?

From University department and other beneficiaries of the scholarship program.

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