Kirsten Dünhofen from South Africa about studying Intercultural Management

by Claudia Pertl
Kirsten Dünhofen in Austria - Interview

Kirsten Dünhofen from Cape Town (Kapstadt) in South Africa

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Kirsten comes from Cape Town (Kapstadt) and decided to move to Austria for studying Intercultural Management (BA) at CUAS. 

Kirsten Dünhofen - Interview

Funfact: Her father originally comes from Spittal. For everything else watch the video:

Where do you come from and why did you come to CUAS for studying? 

01:14 Do you speak German? 

02:53 Culture Shock 

05:30 How many languages do you speak? 05:58 Cultural Aspects 

07:05 Group work/Project work 

08:02 Finding friends in Austria 

10:40 Support system at CUAS 

12:20 More Culture Shock 😉 

13:22 Advice for you if you think of studying abroad

Intercultural Management (BA)

Intercultural Management offers students a business degree in English with a specialization in Language and Intercultural Communication. The program is aimed at individuals interested in working in an international business environment. Students deepen their knowledge and understanding of culture and either the German or Italian language and can choose from our elective foreign language program.

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