Study Abroad Experience: An Exchange Student’s Journey 

by Claudia Pertl
Study abroad in Austria - Campus Spittal in Carinthia
Study abroad exceeded Danali Rodriguez expectations.

Danali Rodriguez: Exchange student from Argentina

A student's experience report

Be inspired. Study better.

What does „study abroad“ mean?

„Study abroad“ refers to the opportunity for students to complete part of their studies in another country. This can apply for a short period, such as a semester or a year, or for the entire duration of the degree. Studying abroad provides students with the chance to gain international experiences, immerse themselves in a different culture, improve language skills, and further their education in a global setting.

Many universities and colleges around the world offer programs for students who wish to study abroad. These programs can cover various disciplines, countries, and durations of study. Students interested in studying abroad should inquire early about available options and check with their home institution for relevant exchange programs.

Study abroad exceeded Danali Rodriguez expectations

She was an exchange student from Argentina and did her Semester abroad at the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering. She reports about her experiences when she studied abroad program in architecture at the Campus Spittal of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences:

I would like to begin this report with a special mention to my home university Facultad de Arquitectura, Planeamiendo y Diseño – UNR, which provided me the opportunity to live this amazing experience and made it possible for me to study abroad. Without the support of this institution and all those in charge of the international relations office, as well as the professors and   institutional managers, this agreement would not have been possible.

Big change at the beginning of the semester abroad

The experience of living and studying in Austria exceeded my expectations. Months before arriving at Spittal I was not able to imagine what these five months living in a new city would be like. Everything was uncertain, my first time in Europe, in a new city smaller than my hometown. And also a different climate, I had to adapt to a much colder weather and still being my daily student activities.

Study abroad in Carinthia - Students at Campus Spittal
My fellow students were very helpful from day one

To study abroad is easier with helpful fellow students

I consider that the biggest challenge I had to face was the language. I do not speak German and I had not spoken English for a long time. However, a few days after starting the course it became easier for me to communicate. I think the main reason for this was the support of all my fellow students and teachers. They have always tried to understand me and explain everything to me clearly.

Valuable experience during the semester abroad

The experience of a student exchange gave me new academic tools to put into practice in my studies in Argentina. I had the opportunity to experience different studying methods which I believe enriched my knowledge and has provided me with a better global perspective of the educational process.

In contrast to my university in Argentina, at Carinthia University I had the possibility to experience classes with smaller groups and a more direct relationship with the professors. I consider that both styles are equally educational and I am grateful to have been able to experience both.

Students in Austria
I met people from many different countries and explored the surroundings with them

International environment

In addition to allowing me to access new knowledge in my area of study, I believe that this type of program granted me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. During these five months I was able to meet people from Russia, Germany, Iran, among many others. But it is not only about getting to know people. It is also about getting to know their culture and their habits. I think that is an unique experience, to be able to share daily life with people who live thousands of kilometers away from my country.

Besides, this exchange makes you a little more aware of the diverse realities and current affairs of other countries. Also, another important aspect for me is that now I have great new friends around the world.

On the other hand, for students from Argentina, a trip like this to Europe is often not accessible. The existence of this type of institutions that to try out these experiences and make them possible is a great source of hope to many young people who decide to get an university degree.

I think that this experience in Austria will also be beneficial to all the students in my local university. Because when I come back to Argentina I will be able to promote this exchange and help them to access this incredible program.


Study abroad means to learn new skills – academically and especially personally

Finally, I believe that after this experience I have been able to develop new skills both academically and especially personally. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I think it meant a great growth for me. It is an experience that I will always remember since it was the one that gave me the opportunity to get to know the world a little more and to see new ways of living by keep on learning about my passion: architecture.

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