Looking for a student job? Join the CUAS Ambassador Team!

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Student Job

Student Job: Post stories on Instagram about your student life, study program and free time in Carinthia and get paid for your time.

Even employment in the form of “marginal employment” (“geringfügige Beschäftigung” in German) is possible.

work smarter.

What does it mean to become an International Student Ambassador?

As part of the CUAS Ambassador Team, you’re responsible for shaping a lively Instagram account – our Community Channel. This means building and maintaining an engaged community, creating exciting content, interacting with followers and collaborating closely with the CUAS social media team. You’ll keep in touch with prospective students through regular updates, interesting stories and live feeds.

Studying at CUAS

Via the Instagram Community Channel, you and your fellow students will provide insight into CUAS’ study programs in technology, economics, management and health sciences and social studies by posting about lectures, seminars, internships and lab exercises. You’ll also introduce the Study & Work program, share your Study & Work experiences and provide an overview of the possibilities offered by CUAS Career Services to our students. Last but not least, you will share information and tips for the application process.

Student Job
Via Instagram you inform the Community about student life, provide insights into CUAS´ study programs an post useful tips for a variety of topics. (c)FH Kärnten

Student Life

Inform the community about student life at CUAS by showing them the campus or posting interviews with students and faculty members. Carinthia offers a great selection of sports and leisure activities, so post what you especially enjoy doing here, like your favorite fun activities for summer and winter. Maybe you even have some tips for the best (and cheapest) cafés and restaurants in town.

Living in Carinthia

Student Ambassadors will post useful tips for a variety of topics, including daily life in Carinthia, administrative processes at CUAS or the local government, public transport, cultural events or sporting events in Carinthia.

Get paid to post!

We want to reward your creative efforts in building the Instagram Community Channel! CUAS will remunerate you for your time and commitment – interested students can even apply for marginal employment (“geringfügige Beschäftigung”).

Looking for a job or interested for this student job?

Join us! Contact Tanja Schwab, social media & PR, at t.schwab@fh-kaernten.at

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